A Day in Golden Gate Park

Independent Project 3IMG_3024.JPG

San Francisco is truly an amazing city that offers a variety of different appealing locations to visit. For this journal entry, I took myself to one of San Francisco’s most well know parks, Golden Gate park. I decided to visit this particular location because of its close proximity to USF, and because it is the largest park that the city has to offer. To find the park from USF, you only have to walk about five blocks south of campus until you hit the pan handle. My favorite route to take to get to the park is to walk south down Clayton street until you run into Haight street. This route offers a scenic view of a variety of beautiful Victorian houses and leads directly to the upbeat, and poplar Haight Street. Once I took the desired route to get to the park, I entered towards the east side of the park and made my west towards ocean beach. IMG_2572.JPGThe objective of this park visit was to make it to the top of strawberry hill, a peaceful island oasis that’s located behind the academy of science museum. Traversing through the park gives the feeling that you are temporarily detached from the city and placed in a beautifully landscaped forestry. While walking through the park I noticed the variety of activities that the area provides, including the Botanical Gardens, de Young Museum, and the Academy of Sciences. One incredibly scenic area of the park that I came across on my walk was the Shakespeare garden. While traversing around the Academy of Science, I stumbled across this secluded pick nick spot. The garden provides a nice gated, quiet space to sit down and appreciate the beautifully landscaped scenery that the park has to offer. After sitting down in this area for a quite some time, I was able to truly appreciate Golden Gate Park and all the activities that it provides to the people of San Francisco. It is quite remarkable to be able to explore such a vast and expansive park in the middle of a small and busy city. This led me to come to the conclusion that although one might live in a lively city, it is still possible to easily detach yourself from this urban environment that we live in and place yourself in a beautiful city park such as Golden Gate Park.


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