Exploring SF

Independent Project #2

Paolo Bondi


San Francisco is a vibrant beautiful city that has many recreational, public parks that are scattered throughout the city. For this journal entry, I will include a visit that I made to Buena Vista Park, located in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. What initially drew me towards visiting this park was its close proximity with USF. Since the park is located in the east Haight Ashbury district, a quick twenty minute walk down Masonic Avenue brought me to the location in no time. Once I arrived at the park I was slightly taken back at the magnitude of the hill that the park encompasses. While the park itself is only thirty six acres big, the large altitude that the hill takes you to gives the park a much larger feel. What I thought really sets this park apart from other locations in San Francisco are the dense hiking trails that are scattered across the park. These trails start at the base of the park and slowly work their way up to the peak of the hill. Once I approached the park, I found the trail that I would be taking my hike on. Walking up into the park, you start to slowly become enclosed by a multitude of trees and bushes. Continuing up the trail I found myself running into a beautiful children’s playground that had a sweeping view of the city skyline. While walking up these trails I noticed that many of the locations that I was running into had driveways that led to the surrounding side streets. I found this to be very convenient for the neighboring houses that surrounded the area. After passing the playground I continued on my trail around the hill. While walking around the trail I noticed that I was being taken up farther towards the peak of the hill. This allowed for the scenery to open up a bit and expose the beautiful views that the park had to offer. Once you situate yourself towards the peak of the hill, you are able to notice a beautiful elevated view of the city, where you are able to see USF and even the surrounding bay. This area of the park also includes a charming, secluded grassy area where I found many people sitting down to enjoy a pick nick and take in the view. The majority of the people that I noticed while exploring the park where families from the area. What I found to be most attractive about the park was the beautiful assortment of exotic looking plants that had been neatly landscaped around the area. This gave the park a very rural feel that made me feel like I was taken out of the busy city and placed in a beautiful forest. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spend at Buena Vista Park and I recommend that anyone check it out if they are in the Haight Ashbury area.


The second place that I traveled to and will be writing about in this entry is my visit to Alamo square playground, located just west of the Fillmore District of San Francisco. What initially drew me towards this area of San Francisco was the abundance of coffee shops and places to eat in this area. While walking to this park from USF you can’t help but notice the plethora of beautiful Victorian houses as well as all of the restaurants that the area has to offer. The park itself can be seen as a major tourist attraction for the city due to the fact that it is located next to the Painted Ladies. This tends to draw many people to the east side of the park in order to situate themselves on the hill facing the row of houses.  While this tends to be the main attraction to this park, it also has many other things to offer including a tennis court, functioning bathrooms, and a playground. The park never seems to become crowded due to the fact that there is plenty of open space for people. Overall, Alamo Square is a very appealing park and is located in a great neighborhood with plenty of restaurants and cafes to offer.


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